Structured Cabling:


A modern house requires a cabling structure that gives you options for today and the future.

Whether you require assistance with TV, Phone or DATA cabling, let EZAV deliver a professional and cost effective solution.We can also provide you with a complete rewire for your renovation or total fit out for your new build.

Let us cable your home using the correct product We provide customised and reliable solutions for distribution of Audio and Video to different zones of your home

  • Reliable DATA, both cabled and WiFi
  • Structured TV cabling for both picture & IR control
  • Distribute HD video to TV's around the home


Whether you are moving offices or adding more desks, EZAV can implement a structured cabling plan that allows versatility and optimum performance.

  • Data
  • WiFi
  • MATV
  • AV Distribution

We use certified products that are built for commercial use that not only offer performance but also guaranteed reliability.

EZAV are able to liaise with your IT provider/department to assist with a smooth implantation and ensure you are up and running when needed. Additional to this is the design and supply of rigorous & dependable WiFi solutions. From single office options through to the multi-floor/large plant solutions and beyond.

Automation & Control:

Control of your home lighting, blinds, curtains, HVAC and Audio Visual equipment.

Automation offers the end user many benefits. Adjustment of home lighting to match natural ambient light reduces the power requirement and also activates the air-con to maintain an even temp throughout the home or living space.

We can set up automation from your closest apple/android product or a dedicated remote/touch panel. These devices can also be programmed to deliver additional information, for example a weather forecast or energy consumption

Controlling your AV (audio visual) devices from a singular remote has many benefits. The average number of household remotes is around 5-6. Why not merge these remotes and their functions into one console to simplify the process. There are a range of different solutions to suit your budget so contact us to find one that suits you.

Multi-room Audio:

Music in multiple rooms, all at the same time in party mode or choose different audio for different rooms at the same time. We don't all listen to the same music or want to at the same time; a multi-room system will allow you to surf between CD/AMFM/Internet Radio/iTunes at will.

Systems can scale from 2 zones to 24 zones +. These can be controlled via wall plates in each zone, a central touch panel in the living area or from your remote/iPhone/iPad.

Match this system with our quality speaker selection and the result will be music to your ears. And remember the cost doesn't have to be out of reach either – we cater to all budgets. Please call Mark for a no obligation quote.

Flat screen Installation

Installation of your flat screen onto a wall maximises your living space. It even gives you options for different locations. Let EZ AV come up with some options for you with a visit to your home or business. You might be surprised at what can be done!

  • Flat to wall or Pivot brackets available
  • Hide all cabling inside the wall
  • Hide all your AV gear e.g. sky TV / DVD etc in a hallway cupboard or wardrobe
  • Only quality products recommended and supplied that actually do the job for the long term

Home Theatre

Whether you have bought a system from a retailer or you want EZ AV to design & supply a customer solution, there is a Home Theatre experience for every home. There are many possibilities available and getting us in to help start the process is the first step. We can also provide a demonstration in our supplier's showroom to give you the full experience before you buy.

  • Entry level right through to high end systems
  • Large Flat Screens – 3D Projection all options are available
  • Use either you lounge/family rooms or a dedicated room. Renovation or New build
  • Use some or all of your own equipment (you might not have to purchase anything!